The Reality Regarding “Income Inequality”

Recently we are being inundated with another tidal wave of complaints, analyses and pontifications regarding “Income Inequality”, especially with regard to it’s alleged evils, injustice and as evidence of a core failing of capitalism.

All of these complainers and pundits are not just absolutely wrong, but they come to the topic with a cripling ignorance of the real functioning of the microeconomy and deep a-priori biases against capitalism and human reality that they are attempting to justify with blatant nonsense, pseudo-science and pro-socialist propaganda.

In any society and economy in which all markets (education and training, credit, labor, venture capital, etc) are open approximately equal to all individuals, eg USA, Canada, Australia, European Union, etc, there is unlimited potential for the individual to pursue his/her ambition and acquire whatever education and training is desired, to pursue whatever employment and career is desired, and to start whatever kind of business is desired. The actual pursuit and accomplishment of personal financial self-sufficiency in these societies and economies is a function of the individual’s intelligence, ambition, commitment, perseverence, ingenuity, etc, NOT AT ALL dependent upon, and especially NOT subordinated to, other individual’s success. I am not limited in any way in my pursuit of my financial self-sufficiency by the financial success of any other person, individually or collectively. This is reality, denying it is delusion at best.

So what is really behind all of these complaints about “Income Inequality” ? – three things:

1. Individual psychology. The people who have failed to achieve what they want feel the need to blame others for their own personal failure rather than confront their own personal failures in ambition, decision making, etc. In their weak minds their not having what they want in life “must be” because other people got it instead of them unfairly, as evidenced by the fact that some people have “too much”. It is very much easier psychologically for these weak-minded failures of low character to blame others rather than accept personal responsibility for their own personal failings. Everyone gets and has what they have earned, if you don’t have what you want it is because YOU have not earned it – admit it and change yourself, do not blame those who have earned their own and the entire system.

2. Envy and Greed. People who are mentally weak and low in honor, integrity and character look around, see how much more some other people have than they have, and just simply want more for themselves. They don’t challenge themselves to do what is required and possible to all participants to go out and earn their own, instead they rationalize that they don’t have as much as they should have because others have too much. One of the popular sayings from the Occupy derelicts epitomizes this self-delusion: “Live simply so that others can simply live”. The reality is that what others have earned does not limit anyone in any way to earn their own. The limitations are in the character, ambition, commitment, etc of the individual failures making the complaint.

3. Building justification for coercive redistribution by corrputed government. This is the ultimate goal – exploit the weakness of the democratic system, ie every person gets an equal vote in spite of their intelligence, integrity, judgement and personal accomplishmet – to elect corrupt politicians who will enact immoral unconstitutional laws and programs by which the government confiscates what the successful have earned and give it to the unsuccessful in return for votes that keep the corrupt politicians in power and the unsuccessful living better than they have earned.

Bottom line: if you live in the USA and you do not have the financial position that you want, then YOU are the cause, NOT other people who are successful, NOT capitalism, NOT “the corporations”, and not the bogey man. Look in the mirror: the person looking back at you is the ONLY person who limits you or enables you, so if you are dissatisfied with the income you earn and what you have, then get off your mental and physical lazy excuse-making others-blaming ass and go earn your own !

Disclaimers: I am not a member of or supporter of the Republican party. I AM a person who was born into shit and pulled myself up out of it, thanks to capitalism that enabled me to be rewarded for my own efforts !


About capitalpreservr

Diverse career, including applied mathematics, computer programmer, clinical laboratory technician, biomedical engineer, computer engineer, marketing manager, business development manager, program manager, start-up specialist, financial securities trader, and more coming. Have travelled and worked all over the world, more than 120 countries. Despise, hate, destest and loathe laziness, incompetence, fraud, corruption, betrayal, parasites & thieves (especially socialists and communists), and violation of freedom and rights by politicians and government.
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